Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What do you get when you go to the doctor for your 15 month check-up and have shots so you need a "reward" for being good and it's a nice sunny day out and daddy bought popsicles???? Only a picture is truly worth a thousand words and so see those words below...this clearly depicts why I love being a mom!

She was double-fisting because she wanted mom's popsicle too! AND she didn't share! Look at the grip on those two popsicles!

She was a mess, but oh so worth it!

Look at all that dripping...

And this face says it all. No more...all gone.

No worries, we are setting up an appt with a Pediatric dentist to make sure no tooth was harmed in this experiment! What will the reward be for that doctor's visit? A carrot? Yeah right.


We thought it would be a fun Memorial Day Weekend project to get some finger paint, a blank canvas and have Abigail go at it! The weather was nice and it appears that we may have a little Picassa on our hands! Here she is displaying the "blank" canvas that would find it's messy fate in just moments.

We got her all covered up in a smock and set up the gallery.
Daddy played photographer while mommy assisted the arteest.

She quickly got the hang of things and then showed us her colorful hands.

Oh, the delicate dipping of the fingers...

All the limbs came out for the fun! Check out that foot AND leg actually!

My favorite - showing her finesse at the early age of 15 mos...

Oh, did I say finesse, no I meant funniness! Ha! Hand on knee action goin' here. Just gettin 'er done.

And then we said, show us your artwork...

Turning 40 is Fun!

My Facebook Status read: "Greetings 40!" I accept that you are the digits representing my years of life, but you are only a number to me. I may feel a bit tired at times, but that does not equal old (just means I have an active toddler at home!). So go ahead oldness, bring it on. I've got my boom, boom, pow on. Cheers to being est in 1969."

Here is Abigail at "one" of mommy's parties enjoying the birthday cake that Daddy made!!

We had a Happy Hour Party @ Brio's Patio the day of my birthday. It was great and the weather was so nice. We had quite a few friends come by! At work, my office was decorated with nasty "40" decorations and we had cake and flowers! I had a surprise party with a few friends the Sunday before too! It was just a GREAT birthday WEEK!!


Our neighbors invited us out to play badminton last weekend and it was just a blast! Here is Abigail and Toshiro working plans!!

Before they got there, Daddy, Mommy and Abigail warmed up by playing some ping pong!

Abigail got the swing down good. She liked the ball, but I think really liked the paddle!

She would chase after Daddy's birdie thing and then carefully place it on the racket.

Here she is running back with it. She did this about a gillion times. The video clip below shows the action. She was also wearing her "squeaky" sandals so that just added to the excitement and the headache issues of the fellow badminton-ers around there. Ha!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

School Spring Picture!! April 2009

Age: 14 Months even

Night Time Rituals...

Introducing the 5 Cow Finger Puppets > Mini, Manny, Mo, Moreso, and Moo

Walking away with her bed time reading material.

Here she was just moments prior trying to find some good reading material for bed.

Bath time fun! Daddy had the great idea of putting all her play balls in the tub! The cow herd puppet liked those balls too!

Do I have to get out of the tub? Who'd want to with all that fun?!

Here is our little gardener...


We decided to plant some of the things we like to eat. We've got lots of stuff growing big and we can't wait to take a bite. We've had a few raspberries already and they're delicious!! Our little gardener is always eager to help water the container plants! She knows though if there isn't any water in the watering pail.

The post that follows has more pics of our plants!
The Organic Wolf - Part I

We've got raspberries as shown below along with blueberries and grapes.

These are various herbs.

Here is our first carrot.

This is Daddy's - a Habanero Pepper Bush

The Neighborhood Puppet Show


We have twin girl neighbors who are 5 and they just love to try and entertain Abigail! One day after work, we went out to the backyard, like we usually do, and we were greeted by a chicken/rooster puppet.

There was a cow puppet too and a horse! Abigail applauded the entertainment!

And a pig puppet too. Here is one of the puppeteers revealed. I don't know if this is Victoria or Vanetta (I can't tell them apart)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Photo Shoot

We took these photos about a week before Mother's Day so that we could make cards for the Grandmas! We had lots of fun and Daddy just kept snapping pics all around the house! Here Momma is giving out fish kisses, Abigail' favorite!
Outdoor fun!

Up against the house in the backyard...Abigail was more interested in wanting to get down to dig into the potted plant and feel the dirt!!

This is one of my favorites...she's our little sweety!
My Second Mother's Day
Momma Wolf's second Mother's Day was great. It started with breakfast in bed including blackberry pancakes that ended up on Abigail's dress and the bed sheets, but we managed to get Oxyclean on there and make things all better. I didn't mind getting stains on clothes and was just the sweetest gift to be surrounded by my little family eating yummy warm pancakes tucked under the covers. Could it get any better than this?! She is my every dream come true and the greatest GIFT I've been blessed with in my life. I thank God on this day for my sweet miracle and for blessing me with the special gift of being a mommy.

This was the beautiful gift Abigail made me at school!

On the other side of her photo was her handprint.

We came back from church and lunch and took a few pics at home.