Thursday, December 3, 2009

so many reasons to give thanks...

Each and every day I give thanks for this amazing life that I have been blessed with. Sure, there are plenty of tough times and challenges, but this life is a gift that's been given to me that I am so incredibly thankful for!! I have an amazing husband who is my soulmate and this precious daughter (oh what a gift!) and we have our health and that of our families and a circle of friends that is so warm, fun, and loving!! What could we possibly need or want! I give thanks to our Lord and Savior for all He is in my life and for all that He has blessed our lives with! Giving Thanks & Praise to God...

she's almost two:

hanging out with couins in minnesota for thanksgiving:

at home just being silly:

at the smu football game having fun cheering for the mustangs:

arriving at the smu game:


Ava came over to trick or treat in our neighborhood so that was a TREAT! It was so fun to see these two walking hand in hand in pursuit of candy! They really understood it this year. Abigail is a fan of M&Ms!!

Such a cute photo!!

Getting ready to head out! We went out early just on our block!!

Aw, here she is with Daddy!! What a great shot. My two sweeties!


Our Halloween party was a blast with about 70 people there and lots of neat costumes!! We dressed up as cow farmers and a little cow! She is a little squished here in this photo, but you get the idea!!

THE SCHOOL ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARADE! What a blast! Abigail wore her princess costume that Grandma and Grandpa Galan got her! :)

Here we are at Scare on the Square in Downtown McKinney with the gang! We finally got a group pic of most of the girls...the most we've gotten all at once!!

Ava the pirate, Violet the ladybug, Abigail the cow, and Addi the butterfly!!

Sweet princess at school!

The Halloween Photo Shoot:

We set up a time to get all the girls (6) in a special photo shoot. Well, we got 3 out of 6 and lost those three to koodies!! We still had a good time and missed our friends. Here are Addi, Aida and Abigal. We missed Violet, Ava, and Alli!

b a l l e r n i a

w o l f

she started ballet lessons or pre-ballet the first week of october. there was a ballet demo and since she loved it so much we decided to enroll her. she's a natural - no one in mommy's or daddy's family did ballet so this is all abigail!! it was so fun to try on the outfit and practice at home before the first class. then daddy went to video tape after three weeks! she was fantastic!!