Friday, February 12, 2010

A Year in Review: From One to Two
by Mommy

This year, she went from an infant to a toddler right before our very eyes. A little baby with a pacifier in her mouth, unable to hold a fork or spoon or cup in her hand, to an independent thinker with plenty to say and do! We've never been so busy and sleep deprived and yet so very happy and blessed! Hearts so full!

She loves milk, calamari, chocolate, shrimp, cheese, bread, Fruit Loops, CORN, black beans, pasta, oranges, blueberries, bananas, gummy treats and vitamins!

She enjoys watching all things Dora, Sesame Street, and Barney and can't get enough of her dolls and kitchen and putting her babies to nite nite. She's their doctor when they're sick! She's quite the ballerina and started at 19 months! She loves to make us laugh with many animated faces! She counts from 1-20 toggling between 18 and 19 and counts to 10 in Spanish (getting a bit lost around ocho!). She's got her ABCs down and recognizes letters.

She prefers painting to coloring and mornings to night. She has a great big laugh and enjoys making us laugh too...she thinks she's funny and will say so! "Abigail funny!"

And her newest best friend has won her heart ...a 12-wk old Labradoodle name Oreo "Oree" Wolf that Santa brought her! She calls her Owee and can't go to bed at night without giving her a hug and kiss goodnight.

She tugs at our heartstrings each and every second and lights up our life with her smile! Thank you God for our sweet gift...Abigail. Happy 2nd Birthday...February 22nd, 2010!!


When Asked, How Old Are You? "Two" She Says and Displays "4" with Her Fingers!

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Be My Valentine!

Mommy's getting a bit better with editing and so this one was loads of fun! We bought two boxes of chocoate and set up shop on top of the dining room table upstairs. We opened the windows and got some great natural light and just started clicking! She couldn't believe we were letting her hold the box of chocolates so when she actually got to open it and eat some, well, you can see the results in her face! We got plenty of SMILES! And the little Smilebox of photos below shows all 28 pictures that were the very best from about 160 taken in all of 20 minutes! Happy Valentines to our little Sweetheart! And to all of you, hugs and kisses!!

Move Over Dora...Meet Abigail the Explorer!

Here we are at home exploring the high points of our swing set!

Exploring Oree's Crate/Kennel giving her a hug and kiss goodnight!

Exploring her New Kitchen!

Finding dishes and food!

Exploring the taste of Calamari for the first time!

And the dipping sauce too!

Exploring the Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Venturing off in her little car that she's a bit too big for, but still enjoys!

Discovering her first Snow Ball! (We kept it in the freezer!)


So, we had researched, and researched for months and it was just days before Christmas and we still hadn't found the right puppy. Then, one night, on a website from here in Texas, there she was...Snowy. She was an F3 Labradoodle pup who was 12 weeks old. She was from Beaumont, TX. The breeder said she'd meet us halfway and so we drove in the cold and very wet weather to Center, TX, three hours from home on 12/23, spent the night in a hotel and then met the breeder in the morning on 12/24. We drove back another 3 hours home and we had become dog owners! Just like that.

She didn't really think we were going to get a REAL puppy!

We bought books and supplies to make sure we were ready for what Santa had in store!

And then, we met her for the first time...she squealed and laughed in the car in disbelief! We can take it home? Abigail's puppy? she would say! It was way too cute. We had seen her pictures about a dozen of them prior to purchasing so when we saw her, we knew exactly who she was. We thought Oreo would be a great name for her (Oree) would be her nickname. Abigal loved it and well it fit our family well since we just all LOVE Oreos!

They played together constantly!! See Tug of War video clip below and playing on the slide video too!
Tug of War:
On the Slide:

A Sample of Christmas Masterpieces, by Abigail Wolf

She has A LOT of fun with crafts at school...she loves, loves, loves arts and crafts. I started buying some small projects to do at home too! These all came from school throughout the month of December! Just a few here of my favorites!

Her handprint was a Santa...too cute and they dressed in red one day and took photos in front of the tree at school as a group and then individually!

Her cute little stocking! She loves gluing the small pieces of paper!

THIS WAS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE...THE SNOWMAN. SHE LOVED IT TOO!! She carried it around all over the house so I permanently displayed it in the kitchen for the whole month.

December Fun at Home!

Getting ready to head out to school one Friday, I just looked and her and couldn't believe my eyes! She looked soooo big! What happened over night?! What did I feed her last night that made her get all crazy big on me just like that?! Oh dear, it's just all going by so fast!

Santa brought us an Ice Cream, Yogurt, Sorbet maker "Early" for Christmas! Woo-hoo! We decided to inaugurate it with Oreo ice cream...delicious!

And so this was the outcome!

Her first touch of SNOW!
When We Cheered for Huskers & Horns
Mom and Dad's favorite teams were in a big game during the holidays so we thought we'd have some fun. We put banners inside and outside the house and we dressed up to support our teams. Abigail had it rough since she had to wear both teams. I let her wear Nebraska for most of the day since I knew they wouldn't win and it would make Daddy happy. Ha!

We visited Reindeer Village and got lots of comments on our attire!


Another Studio Wolf original...

Christmas Photo Shoot!

Our Chirstmas Photo Shoot at Home, from Studio Wolf!

It seems like each photo shoot just gets more lively! She really enjoyed this one and so did we. We tried to create a winter wonderland of sorts so it was a little bit crazy, but fun!