Monday, June 22, 2009

A Special Day for Daddy


We had a great time. We started off with Abigail & Daddy sharing breakfast in bed. Then we went to Lowe's and bought a new tree (they were all on sale 50% off!). We bought a gorgeous Japanese Maple. Daddy didn't have to plant it that day since it was technically his day off and of course a holiday!

Then we went to church. Abigail had a few outspoken moments, but it was nice. She met a friend and her name was Abigail too. She was a few months older, but way shorter!

Then we went to eat at one of Daddy's fav spots, Gordon Biersch Brewery. It was delish. Abigail had a meltdown because noon is around her nap time. It got all cleared up as soon as we headed out to the patio!! They had lots of fun out there and mommy and daddy finished up their beers!

We headed back home and settled in for a nice nap. We took advantage of Abigail's nap time! When we woke up, we filled up the pool in the backyard and made a few splashes!! We made sure to connect with the Grandpa's to wish them a Happy Father's Day too!

At the Shops of Legacy after Lunch...

After the meltdown in the restaurant, we headed to the patio and the fun began!

Here we are at church before the sermon started.

In the restaurant...

The Wolf Pack...just before the meltdown! Can't you tell by her face - the only one not smiling?!

Daddy didn't mind, with the right brew in hand, it didn't matter!

I loved this one even though the exposure was off, it was just right where it counted...

Paci fun out on the restuarant patio. Abigail and Daddy trying to fight for the paci...who would win?

Pool time fun!


Ava Turns One!

We went to one of our BFF's bdday parties over the weekend and it was just loads of fun! Ava is now one and Addy isn't too far behind. All theses sweeties are going to grow up together!

Another BFF...16 months

And the newest BFF...2 months old

Another BFF... 3 Years Old

And another...2 years old

Another one! 11 months

And the lucky girl with all these amazing friends...Abigail @ 16 months as of 6/22

Auntie Holly giving Abigail a swing in the basket!

Ava enjoying her cake.


Congrats Jay!

We went to the RGV for Jay's graduation a few weeks back. He graduated from the Science Academy of South Texas! Woo-hoo! Have you ever been to a high school graduation where all of the graduates are going to college?! Every single one. It's a requirement of the school!

Jay's heading to UTPA and UT Austin (a special program for Astro Physics and Bio Chemical Engineering).

Here is the graduate!

Aw, here is the WolfPack helping celebrate!

Tia Sony with nephew Jay!

So many other great pics of family too, we'll need to post the link to a Snapfish of over 200 pics!