Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birth Announcements!

Finally, I'm getting birth announcements out this week! Whew! And you can see I was way behind in making posts to this blog as well. It's been busy and exciting and tiring all rolled up into one, but we feel very blessed.

I took these pictures (the Happy Lense) and couldn't decided which one I wanted for the birth announcments. She was three weeks old when I took them. The blanket in the background is a gift from the first born on the Wolf side, Joanne, and she made it! It is absolutely gorgeous and the other side has a beautiful flower pattern print! Love it! The bowl was a souvenir we bought when we went to Brazil 6 years ago before we were married and it currently holds all the emails in a bound notebook we received when we sent out a note saying we were engaged. The cocoon is handmade from a lady I don't even know who lives up north and sells these online on It's gorgeous and will always hold a sentimental place in my heart since we wrapped her in this the day we left the hospital.

We chose the last picture here!! Hope you like it as much as I do!!

Charlotte Turns Two Months!!

On June 25, Charlotte will celebrate her 2nd month of life. I (the Happy Lense!) took a few pictures at home to celebrate. Not quite done yet. Need to get some with her pink teddy bear!!


It was a fun day! Dad got breakfast in bed with a parade of presents! I made a special face sign of daddy and Abigail carried it in chanting, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! Then Charlotte got a picture with it. I stole the idea from a fan during the NBA Finals. Someone made huge pics of Dirk's head so I thought it would be fun to do the same for Matt!! ha!

We went to brunch then to a shopping spree at the mall and back home. It was the first time Abigail was pooped out! She actually fell asleep on the sofa when we got home!

Both girls did great and Charlotte even slept in her own room in her crib for the first time that night too!!

It was a great day for a GREAT Dad!!

The Organic Wolf, volume 2

So, this post includes pictures of Abigail's Mother's Day gift she made for me at school. She decorated this flower pot and planted some seeds in it and included a sweet poem. I just loved it. She's no newbie to gardens and planting thanks to our backyard garden so when she moves into her next classroom in the Fall where they have their own greenhouse and plant all year round, she'll do great! She just loves it!

This year, volume 2, we've had a lot growing in our garden and have already sampled the fruits of our labor! We've had blackberries, peas, tomato, and tons of squash is now making an appearance. We're waiting for the strawberries and carrots.

Abigail showing the first tomato and peas.