Monday, May 10, 2010

Why I Love Being a Mother.

Because it is by far the greatest, most amazing gift from God that I could ever have imagined. To be a part of the miracle that God has help her grow and to love experience LIFE on so many different levels...her words, laugh, cries, dances, loving touch and so much more!! I love being a mommy!!

Mother's Day was fantastic! We had breakfast in bed, found the many things Oree had taken outside thru her doggie door: Abigail's school bag buried in the sandbox, laundry, babydoll, empty bag of mulch and more! We went to church and then to eat at one of my fave restaurants, Cafe Malaga and enjoyed yummy tapas and mimosas!

Came home and we all took naps! We woke up and played and daddy started on some cake balls with Abigail! They did great and they were super yummy. Then daddy made dinner which was so delish! So fun!! Thank you to my loving family for a beautiful day!

On our way to church!

At Cafe Malaga!