Monday, April 19, 2010

When Wolves Frolic in Bluebonnets...

The Texas bluebonnets this year are just amazing! We went out on Saturday 04/17/10 to take a few shots at the Allen Station location that a friend of mine told me about. There were about 4-5 small patches, but this one worked the best because we could move our little bench over easily and the parking wasn't too far off. Daddy made that sweet bench for his sweety and it just made a cute setting!! The bridge and park were all within walking distance so that was great!! It rained on and off the whole weekend, but we managed to find a 45 minute window of greatness to do this photo shoot! Perfect weather actually. And 170+ photos later...these came out on top!

Our little princess...we had just come from the Acute Kids Care Clinic to get some meds for her ear infection so she was quite the trooper despite having some ear pain!!

Making her faces (actually she's eating some Dora snacks right now to set the mood)!

Lounging amidst the flowers.

Playing with a bandaid! Made for a great shot!

Taking time to smell the flowers until she realized that there were bumble bees on them!

Cute photo of my sweeties!!

Love the expression on their faces.

Aw, I need to make this a screensaver!

Adding the nice b+w touch to a different pose!

Family photo! Look at the sass on Abigail's face will ya! The camera is on the tripod.

I love this one!!

She's taking another quick glance at her knight in shining armour!

Peeking from the bluebonnets!

What's over there?

Oh, the tippy toe poses just melt my heart!

Running and in action: Click on the pic to enlarge!

This is another one of my favorites!!

Oh how I love her so...

Taking a stroll with daddy...

For being good, we told her we'd take her to the playground across the street! I took one more shot and then put the camera down to play!

Another family photo!
And here are all these pics set to music!! Enjoy!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Matthew Turns 35!

We had a nice screened in porch built back in February and so we thought we'd put it to good use with a party to celebrate the 35th birthday of the man in the house!!

The feature was Daddy's newest project! He built this gorgeous storage bench into the porch! We found some nice cushions and pillows at target to finish out the look! Great job Matthew! You are so very talented!! These two pics were taken the morning of his bday.

Daddy is quite lucky when he's dealt a three and five in Texas Hold 'Em. Oddly enough, he will play these cards to win and more often than not, he does!! So, since he turned thirty five this year, we thought we'd do something extra special and celebrate the THREE and FIVE in a fun way! We got up and made daddy a special pancake breakfast! Here is Abigail very excited to make pancakes for daddy and knowing full well that it was his birthday! She was more excited to know that we'd be having cake later on in the day...more like frosting! :)

THE CAKE MADE BY MOMMY! Putting my new cake decorating skills to use...I baked up a German Chocolate cake covered in Buttercream Frosting for the birthday boy!!

A few of my favorite pictures from the birthday came by way of the teeny tiny variety! From Left to Right: Ava Greider, Abigail Wolf, and Violet Truly. Enjoying some appetizers during the party on the sweet bench Daddy hand crafted for his baby girl!!

And someone who clearly knows when mommy is behind the camera!!

Aw, sweet Ava serving up a weenie for her buddy Abigail!

The cake, up close just before the lighting of the candle.

We had our 2nd Saturday friends over for the birthday fun. The guys watched the end of the Masters inside while the ladies relaxed out on the porch with some beverages and frozen grapes!
Here are some beauties relaxing in the porch: Tiffany & Holly

Gorgeous Gals...Holly & Rhea Anne

Enjoying the fun outdoors...Brian, Abigail and Violet

Some of the gang playing outdoors!

Birthday song video!! OMG, seriously, I shouldn't ever video tape myself singing. EEK. Happy Birthday Honey!

The Everyday Fun.

This was on casual Friday at school last week. I love casual Fridays because I get to dress Abigail in whatever I want and not in her uniform. Well, this day marked the FIRST time that it wasn't about what mommy wanted, but ALL about what Abigail wanted. She went straight to her closet and said, "my wear princesses...purple." She picked her shirt (that Auntie Rosie had given her for her bday); she picked her hair bow; picked her socks, jeans, and shoes. Then she proceeded to tell me she wanted TWO pony tails not one mommy!! Here is the end result...





She went to school yesterday 04/13/10 in her big girl Elmo panties and didn't have ANY accidents. We had open house at school last night and decided to go to Kids Night at Jason's Deli to celebrate! She then told us she had to go potty at the restaurant. It was her FIRST time to go to a public potty!! WOW!! When we put on her jammies last night we put overnight diapers. She then said later..."my wee wee is coming out" and almost wanted to cry. She made us take her jammies off and take off her wet diaper! Yowza!!

We're so excited for her and you can tell that she is very happy too. She LOVES her big girl panties!! We haven't attempted to take on the overnight part of potty training. We'll just celebrate this accomplishment and hold on that one for a bit!

Woo-hoo Abigail!!!! :)
Our Wedding Anniversary Family Dinner

So after Matt and I had our private Happy Hour at Bailey's Restaurant Lounge, we picked up Abigail at school and went to our "Family" Wedding Anniversary Dinner. We started a tradition (when Abigail was born) to go on a family anniversary dinner at Brio's! This is a wonderful restaurant and as you can see, it is very fun! It's way more fun this year than last...just really more eventful! ha!

In the car after dinner heading home...