Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inaugural Blog Post: Amidst the Flowers

Uh, you want me to sit in there? You're kidding right?!


Our Flower!
The First Wolf Howl!
To kick things off, we are starting the blogging with an activity that took place a few weeks back around Easter Sunday. Easter is one of Mama Wolf's (that's me!) favorite holidays. Okay, well, I love ALL holidays and I guess I am a self-proclaimed "Miss Holiday" queen. I cheerfully go to the attic or closet or wherever our 'holiday-ish' things are stored and pull out all holiday things for that month and decorate the house. Sometimes in full-force like Christmas or Halloween, and other times just a sprinkle or smidgeon here and there of a particular holiday!

Anyway, I already digress and this is my very first post...please do come back and often and I promise to stay on topic. Okay, so a few weeks back, Papa Wolf (my beloved hubby) found the most perfect bluebonnet site while we were driving to our destination one day. We stopped and allowed our baby pup to frolic in the flowers. Unfortunately for us, she just was not a fan of the scented wonders. In fact, she was quite scared of them for whatever reason. "Certainly cannot be my offspring" I thought. Anyway, we, as only wolf parents can, insisted that our little pup frolic with nature...AMIDST THE FLOWERS (see name of this blog; everything always comes around full circle). Oh and what pictures resulted from that! One of my very favs was the one below where she held her hands and arms close to her chest in hopes that those blue flutters wouldn't touch her in any way, shape or form! The other two are just great pics that I couldn't resist in posting here. I hope you enjoying reading and seeing our blog. Bookmark so you can have it handy and you can come by once a day, or week, or however often. And do leave us a comment from time to time. Our site is found at:
www.OurWolfHowl.blogspot.com. So here's "Our Wolf Howl" ow, ow, oooowww!