Sunday, August 16, 2009


Abigail told mommy to write this on her chalkboard yesterday morning when Daddy started getting to work on the playset! Start date: Aug 15, 09.
So far so good...Daddy's all smiles.

Abigail checking out the tools!

Woo-hoo, progress!

The excitement is clearly mounting and so obvious on that face!

DAY 2: 8/16/08, Abigail bringing daddy some ice water!

Daddy happily taking the tall water bottle!

Aw, a sweet 'thank you' kiss!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The World of Mosaics...the Teachings of Jody Truly Mosaics

So, I was so blown away by my friend, Jody's, incredible mosaic talent, one of MANY talents this little lady possesses, that I had to beg her to teach me some. While I know I could never come close to what she creates, I would have fun learning from the pro and we could sit and enjoying talking about life while working on some mosaic projects! Check out her mosaics blog linked here to mine (see link off to the right).

I started with a birthday project for my sis...I figured if it came out bad, she'd still love it cause it came from me and from my heart and my cheesy arts n crafts mood. :)

Class I: Here I am on location with Master Mosaic-er Jody Truly.

Okay, so this is not quite as easy as I thought.

My teacher, the Jody Truly, from Jody Truly Mosaics. So kindly showing off my work...novice result. I strive to be her mosaics prodigy. Ha!

Here it is at it's current state. It's going to be a hot plate trivet. Ignore the fish, while my sis loves fish, I decided not to go that route when I realized how difficult that little fish would be as my very first project!


A Playset for Abigail

Yup, we gave in to our active toddler and broke down and got her this playset! Hopefully, it will last her for years of play!! Neighbors and BFFs can all partake!! :)

Here she is going over the instructions with Daddy!!

She seemed excited when the boxes got here as if she knew what was going on. She even gave the picture of the playset a kiss!!

Look at all those nails!! More than "some" assembly required if you ask me!

Sure, Daddy is smiling now, but we haven't even opened all the boxes yet!

School Days

Our Little One Is Growing FAST!

Hard to believe so much has happened in such a short time and even more in just the last more pacifier, drinks from regular cups, feeds herself with a spoon and fork, pooped in the potty (woo-hoo!), talking like crazy and does this happen??! Here she is this morning (Thursday - Aug 13th, 2009) on her way to school eating a pancake on the go! She didn't seem to mind all that much. She's far more of a morning person than mommy will ever be! That's a gene courtesy of daddy for sure!



Saying "pretty" and not "cheese" since pretty leaves a better, longer lasting smile for mommy to take a pic!

Washer & Dryer Get a Facelift!

So, we have the old fashiony type washer and dryer while most of America nowadays has the fancy shmancy stainless steel type that saves energy and the world almost. Anyway, so while ours still function fine, they needed a little pizazz...we found these great alphabet magnets and so Abigail has taking a liking to the 'laundry room' and hopefully she'll stay just as happy hanging around there and doing a few loads of wash for us in her teens! Ha!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Poddy Time!

No, Not Party Time; You Read the Title Right...PODDY TIME!

08-01-09: So, the only reason we even brought this into our lives now is because she started telling us when she tinkles or poos and points to her diaper. That's supposedly step one! Ha! Anyway, now that we got this poddy, we told her that's where the tinkle and the poo go so she enjoys telling us when she's doing that and then proceeds to go to the poddy and just sit there. We're holding off on pull-ups and such for now ...

She looks like she's saying here, "privacy please!"

Candid Moment

Exploring this new "toy" of sorts!

Proudly positioning the 'cup' into the base!

Red is her favorite color we think, hence the selection of poddy chairs.
And, we're all enjoying the book, "My Very Own Poddy!" ~for girls (complete with stickers -wow!)
No worries...this is the extent of the "Poddy Time" blogging. No "other" photos will be displayed regarding the future progression (if you know what I mean) no matter how much I love taking pictures...not of that! :)

Miss Independent


As you may have read in a previous blog, we are going through a lot of changes right now in the Wolf Den. Abigail is transitioning to the Toddler Room at school and she is learning to feed herself with a spoon (lots of changing of clothes there) and learning to drink from a regular cup, etc., etc. So we have put all things things into practice at home...our oh so messy, but fun home. She will very clearly say, "Me!" when she wants to do it, which is ALL of the time. Here she is with a mini buffet of sorts. Big mistake pulling out the yogurt, or was it?! :)

All gone!

Homemade Watermelon Popsicles

Hot Summer Days can only be made better with a popsicle in hand! Well, maybe one in either hand! :)

She insisted on wearing her fuzzy purple slippers and her HAT (that was not mommy's doing people!).

Sharing with Daddy...

Daydreaming about a world full of these homemade watermelon juice popsicles!

Loving her popsicles!


Turning the Calendar to Yet Another Month in a Blink!

Time is flying just way too fast. It is now going to be August...she'll turn 18 months. How can that be? I thank God for this beautiful miracle. It's work no doubt, but as they, "when you do what you love, it isn't work!" This is truly the most fun I have ever had! The snapshots below are just a few from the last days of JULY! Random pics from the thousands that I gather!


Not only can she say it, but she loves to demonstrate! Here she is after digging out some shorts from my drawers and putting them over her head. She thought she had done something wrong (and of course loved that idea so ran and laughed away from me). I caught her and snapped this pic right up!

This was an exciting event for me (aka, the fanatical photographer). She learned to say "cheese" while looking at the camera! Woo-hoo! Imagine that!

Sitting in one of our counter chairs...doesn't like high chairs now...eating PLUMS which she loves! I just loved this photo. She's playing with a little flashlight, sitting on a chair, gobbling up some plums! So random and so fun!

She's no different. She's now taken a fascination to putting on all of mommy's shoes and a few of daddy's too! It's completely hilarious to see her try to get them on! I will need to take video of that real soon!!

Her fave animal I think (thanks to Mom's heavy influence!). Here we are at the mall playing in the Kidzone and she naturally gravitated toward this cutie cow! Too funny! Not sure if you know, but our street t's to a large piece of farmland that is populated with cows (don't worry we can't smell them from our house - whew!). The word "moo" is like the toll for us when she's in the car and we pass them by! She knows exactly where they hang out!

Off to the Rodeo, Yee-ha!!

We took the TI Co-ops to the Rodeo a couple of weeks ago as a part of their Summer Social Committee events. It was so fun. We had never gone before.

Here is some of the action...

Here is some of the group of students plus my very handsom cowboy and pretty baby cowgirl!!!

Daddy taking Abigail to get a closer look!

A quick photo of our boots...the Wolf's came prepared for the Rodeo!

Mom & Baby Cowgirl

A cute close-up!

It was fun and Abigail kept saying Moo! She was quite the trooper as we stayed well past her bedtime! She was fast asleep the second she got in her carseat though!


She's been learning how to "feed herself" now that she is transitioning into the toddler room so we are trying to do the same at home. So at school, they have about 4 different sets of clothes per day just in case. She seldom comes home wearing what she left the house in and you can see why in picture below and the Smilebox "show" we put together!! She is somewhat impatient with the spoon or fork and will just shove whatever she's eating in her mouth. Several of the blog postings will feature this new phenomena a the Wolf Den...The Messy Eater Phenomena that is! We all get better right? I mean, I can't recall the last time I looked like this while eating?! Life is fun at our house and a bit messy too!

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